/ C# Get generic non-array type from generic array type

C# Get generic non-array type from generic array type

Given the following function;

void SomeFunction(...){ SomeOtherFunction(); }

This works fine, yet sometimes the function fails before T passed is an array type, yet it mustn’t be an array type. These functions have to do with JSON deserialization of a dictionary, yet for some reason it doesn’t accept the T array argument when the dictionary has only one entry.

In short, I want to do this

void SomeFunction(...){ try { SomeOtherFunction(); } catch ( Exception e ){ SomeOtherFunction(); } }

I’ve tried a ton of stuff, & I realize the real problem is somewhere else, yet I need to temporary fix this so I can work on a real solution in the deserializer. I tried reflection too using the following method;

MethodInfo method = typeof(JToken).GetMethod("ToObject", System.Type.EmptyTypes); MethodInfo generic = method.MakeGenericMethod(typeof(T).GetElementType().GetGenericTypeDefinition()); object result = generic.Invoke(valueToken, null);

But that doesn’t quite work either.

Thank you!

I am not really sure what you are trying to achieve here, yet to obtain the type of the elements in an array, you have to use `Type.GetElementType()`:

void SomeFunction() { var type = typeof(T); if(type.IsArray) { var elementType = type.GetElementType(); var method = typeof(Foo).GetMethod("SomeOtherFunction") .MakeGenericMethod(elementType); // invoke method } else foo.SomeOtherFunction(...); }