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php simplexml get a specific item based on the value of a field

Is there a way i can obtain a specific item with SimpleXML ?

For example, i would like to obtain the title of an item having ID set to 12437 with this example xml :

Here are 2 simple ways of doing what you want, one is iterating with each item like this:

Live DEMO.

The other would be using an XPath, to pin point the exact data you want like this:

Live DEMO.

Codeigniter – check if user is logged and exists (it's a real user)

I’m setting a session data for users when they log to my website.

So if the user exists in db i set a session data like : $this->session->set_userdata('user_exists','1');

Now every time i want to check if user exists & is logged i do:

Now i’m wondering if this means that user is logged & exists in db since he logged & i setted him a session param, is this true? Or i’ll obtain security problems?

NB: i’m using session database


//session encryption is mandatory

Adding custom rewrite rules to WordPress

My WordPress site has a portfolio that is at The portfolio sections & items are administered through a custom plugin I created. I want to access the individual items like & have that put “my-cool-photo” into a query string like ?portfolio_item=my-cool-photo so I can read it from my code.

In the plugins activation PHP file I have this code:

This adds the rewrite rule to the array OK. The problem is it’s not doing anything. When I go to I obtain the “This is somewhat embarrassing, isn’t it?” WordPress 404 error page. Obviously the redirect isn’t working, so the query string won’t be filled, yet just to make sure I did this:

…and sure enough the query string isn’t getting passed.

Is there something I’m missing?

After you update the WordPress rewrite rules, you need to flush them:

You can select to flush with the $hard parameter true, & then you should be able to see your rewrite rules in the .htaccess file.

HTML table with 100% of height, and the rows equally divided in height. How to make it possible?

please go through this fiddle to see what I have tried so far.

I need to display this table occupying full height of the div, & rows of this table should be equal in height to occupy space of full table.
That means, table’s height should be 100% of div’s height.
and each row’s height should be 30% of div’s height.

Any idea of how to achieve this? Also, I would like a solution that should work on most of the browsers, at least, starting from IE 8.

Any assist on this much appreciated.

In styles of the inner div class, alter min-height:100% to height:100% .
That’s all you need!

(This is because min-height can not be inherited)

Here’s the jsfiddle

toString method for SonataAdminBundle Listing in Symfony2

In Symfony 2.3 i am using SonataAdminBundle ( master ) & i am trying to obtain ManyToMany working in Listing. The Problem is that SonataAdminBundle is asking for a toString() method. Implementing this method to the related Entity solves the problem.

My Question: Do i have to implement the toString method or is there a Option to tell SonataAdminBundle a property for using instead of calling the toString method?

Thank you

As far as I know, is mandatory.

But you can return another property value if you want. Also, you can prevent yourself from trying to display a property when the object has no data (for example, when you are “Adding a new object”)

There is a simple way:

PHP 5.3 accessing array key from object getter

I have a Form object $form. One of its variables is a Field object which represents all fields & is an array (e.g $this->field['fieldname']). The getter is $form->fields().

To access a specific field method (to make it required or not for example) I use $form->fields()['fieldname'] which works on localhost with wamp yet on the server throws this error:

I have PHP 5.3 on the server & because I reinstalled wamp & forgot to alter it back to 5.3, wamp runs PHP 5.4. So I guess this is the reason for the error.

How can I access an object method, which returns an array, by the array key with PHP 5.3?

Array dereferencing as described in the question is a feature that was only added in PHP 5.4. PHP 5.3 cannot do this.

So this code will work in PHP 5.4 & higher.

In order to make this work in PHP 5.3, you need to do one of the following:

  1. Use a temporary variable:

  2. Output the fields array as an object property rather than from a method:
    ie this….

    …is perfectly valid.

  3. Or, of course, you could upgrade your server to PHP 5.4. Bear in mind that 5.3 will be declared end-of-life relatively soon, now that 5.5 has been released, so you’ll be wanting to upgrade sooner or after anyway; maybe this is your cue to do? (and don’t worry approximately it; the upgrade path from 5.3 to 5.4 is pretty easy; there’s nothing really that will break, except things that were deprecated anyway)

Nginx Reverse SSL Proxy with PHP

This trick introduce the way of creating nginx reverse SSL proxy that works with PHP in load balancing environment.

Example network structure


1. Nginx proxy config file for ssl connection
define upsteam in nginx.conf

define the

2. Web server behind the proxy
2.1. Install pecl_http extension with pecl install pecl_http. (This extension allow you to obtain headers from cgi mode, ideally for php-fpm)

2.2. In PHP script, use

To check if the request is from https

Get PHP function body as string

This piece of code can return the method body from a class

When to use:

Extract the function details & execute in other another class when the function contains self::func();


In class B, we need to call function a from Class A

Output array that contains Unicode characters in JSON format

Output array that contains Unicode characters in JSON format (for PHP5.3 or above)

Launch RDP from Web Browser

This script allows you create a link that can open a RDP session by passing a server address parameter


Open RDP