css whole menu color change on hover

i’m really new to html & css, & i thought having a project while working through tutorials would assist me stay motivated while learning a lot.

i’ve been playing around with this menu, & it’s almost there – yet now there seems to be this wall & i just don’t obtain how to obtain over it! i have searched for hours on several sites & am now ready to throw this thing outta the window…

here’s a jsfiddle: http://jsfiddle.net/64Grv/

so what i wanted to achieve is that on hover of one submenu the whole menu changes color (instead of the hovered link now). if i hover on “more stuff” for example, all of “menupoint2, stuff, more stuff, even more stuff….” should alter color.

how should i go with that? i’ve tried putting different classes, to no avail – i guess i put them at the wrong place. or is this possible with some kind of box?

i apologize for the messiness of my css (just a beginner messing around..), & i’d really appreciate it if somebody had concrete tips on how to do this 🙂

thank you very much!


you need to set :hover on li :