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Download only email subject in JavaMail & imaps

I’m trying to download only **subject** of emails, because it should take less time (downloading ~10 emails with photos take approximately 10 min :/).

Code that I’m now using is:

try { Store store = session.getStore("imaps"); store.connect(...); Folder folder = store.getFolder(folderName); folder.open(Folder.READ_ONLY); message = folder.getMessages(); for (Message m : message) { System.out.println(m.getSubject()); } folder.close(false); store.close(); } catch (MessagingException e) { ... } catch (IOException e) { ... }

it seems to me that you should look into prefetching the messages with:

FetchProfile fp = new FetchProfile(); fp.add(FetchProfile.Item.ENVELOPE); fp.add("Subject"); folder.fetch(message, fp);