Ruby on Rails Impact on Web Application Development

Ruby approximately Rails has suddenly gained all attention inside the net application development planet among numerous alternative well-known programming languages present like Java, C#, & others. Ruby on Rails is a combination of Ruby & Rails together generating a profound impact in the development community.

Today, it is considered as the most light & swift programming language. It is an absorbing framework which can be implemented in almost all kinds of web solutions. Some famous websites developed using Ruby on Rails are BaseCamp, CrunchBase, Twitter,, Scribd, XING, & many more. Some quick benefits that can be obtained by RoR Web application development are:-

It’s a dynamic, reflective & imperative platform for App development
RoR is basically object oriented programming language supporting multiple programming paradigms
More than hundred plug-ins are available
To build up a query is simple with RoR
It is much effortless to write codes with RoR than shell scripts
Fast & simple development strategies & features incorporated for quick web development

Ruby on Rails is mainly known for its ability to build up the web applications swift with ease. A person with no training on RoR can easily start up with RoR application development by learning approximately the language in a day or two. At a time of developing application in Java, a Java developer needs to take countless decisions approximately how to proceed when communication is done with the database like which library & framework to be used.

But Rails has an ORM Database layer built into its framework called ActiveRecord.

Rail is an extremely productive framework for web applications with database backend. Primarily it uses conventions to avoid configuration whenever possible, to enhance the productivity & moreover to save a lot of time. When a RoR programmer needs to specify the configuration, Rails depends on Ruby programming language. This strategy saves the developer from writing long codes & simplifying the code that doesn’t need to be written.

Another noticeable & useful feature of Rails is “Scaffolding”. It can generate code called Scaffolding that can be used to quickly put up functional web pages that talk to the database & allows adding, deleting & editing information quickly & easily with less coding. This makes programming more portable. Rail developers can easily switch from project to another as standards are usual to all development projects such as naming conventions, directory structures, unit test frameworks, & interface templates.

Ruby on Rails enhances developer productivity with an incorporated feature of Feature Loop. It is the amount of time between making a alter in code & seeing the results in the execution of the application. In RoR, instant feedback is obtained as Ruby on Rails programmer code. There is no need of compilation or packaging phase & the result of the changes done can be seen by immediately loading on a browser page. The overall client experience improves by this feature as changes demanded by clients during meetings can be seen instantly with RoR.

With the introduction of the Rails framework, Ruby programming language is making its way to the top. It has received some useful tools that assist in making the development work simple & fast. If you are looking for an experienced programmer for Ruby on Rails Application Development, contact us at

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