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Burned by Ubuntu?

If you’ve been included with all the IT community at all, or are even a severe web addict, the odds are superior which we know of Ubuntu Linux. Should you know of it, then your odds are moreover wise which we have considered installing the working program, plus playing approximately with it a small.

If we did install it, state, 2-3 years ago, odds are, details didn’t function correctly. I mean, factors which “only worked” inside superior ole’ XP, failed we completely. We then did what we may to do away with it, plus vowed not to receive included with Linux ever again.

I might recognize, because I had synonymous difficulties the first-time I ventured into the land of Linux. Below is my dim recollection of which time.

I don’t remember the first-time I been aware of Ubuntu. I only remember a limited points regarding my experience installing it for the initial time: 

It installed very immediately.
I might not receive my wireless card to function correctly.
They forced me to fix aspects through the control line
I messed approximately with “sudo this’ plus “sudo that” to no avail.
I ended up needing to reformat my whole difficult drive to do away with it.

Fast forward 2 years. Ubuntu is running because truly the only OS approximately my machine. WIreless functions perfectly, because does printing, plus many additional attributes which are accessible for my computer. In truth, many everything which I install functions perfectly.  I not need to even consider a control line when I don’t like to.

What changed? Well, Ubuntu improved, plus dramatically, I could add. Everything from stability, to functionality plus driver assist are approaching windows-level conformity. In several regions, Ubuntu has surpassed Windows, particularly performance.

If we feel like offering it another try,  I will guarantee which we won’t have the same difficulties with it which we did last time? Why? So, for 1, Ubuntu has added a Windows based installer  to new distributions which enables you to install plus eliminate Ubuntu like a standard Windows application. No more injuries where GRUB wipes out all record of the NTFS partition, plus makes Vista unbootable. What’s the name of the magical program: Wubi.

How am I thus certain that it must be simple to use? It took me 15 minutes to receive my friend’s PC double booting the different evening. It installed Ubuntu because a single file. It furthermore defaults to WIndows approximately boot, unlike Grub, which defaults to the newest kernel, plus puts XP following 3 or 4 different kernel options.

By minute amount 25, my friend was running Linux versions of his favorite programs, like HandBrake plus Audacity. He even noticed the latest adaptation of KDEnlive for his movie modifying requires. The just problem which you had solved itself found on the upcoming boot. His wireless card wasn’t functioning. Ubuntu found the driver, plus installed it approximately reboot. Happy day. No control line (except for the commands I learned, plus sought to matter, rather of going by graphical menus), plus zero additional configuration.

Look, it’s not an effortless choice to test anything again once you were burnt. I recommend we do, nonetheless. Should you could discover the courage to test Ubuntu again, we have a pleasant surprise waiting for you: It comes inside 3 tastes, based found on the window manager of choice.

Ubuntu – Gnome
Kubuntu – KDE
Xubuntu – XCFE

I’m going to go ahead plus state which for 98% of we, vanilla Ubuntu is the path to take. The bells plus whistles have been completely tested plus integrated to function with Gnome. The eye candy is good, plus it only feels fairly refined. The just drawback is the fact that the performance needs for all however the oldest machines can be a bit too much.

Of the 2% of we which can wish To run anything besides Gnome-based Ubuntu, 99% of the 2% won’t like to run KDE. On the plus side, it feels a bit more like a Windows based running program. Except for the truth it isn’t almost because consumer friendly because usual Ubuntu. There are certain KDE diehards available, however I’m not 1 of them. I don’t have more to state approximately KDE because a window manager.

If we have an elder machine, XCFE is lightning swiftly. It takes up fairly small ram, is a wonderful compromise, plus runs many details very effectively. Should you don’t want alot of additional graphical polish (read: minimalist) then Xubuntu is the path to take.

Now, I’m going to certainly confuse we. How? Well, should you like a classy lookin Linux install, with the assist of Ubuntu, plus all of the flair of the expert graphical designer, then we wish Linux Mint. It’s based on Ubuntu, plus customized with versions of programs which have been changed to match the Mint distribution. They is a some months behind the newest Ubuntu distribution, nevertheless there is not any question it is a desirable distro.

So, today which I am from gushing, why don’t we try getting it, burning it to a drive, plus providing it a when from utilizing Wubi. Oh, plus should you have difficulties with sound or wireless cards when utilizing the Live CD, don’t be thus certain which you’ll have which issue whenever we a full installation. 9 times from 10, those issues are fixed inside a full install.

So, go receive a favorite pocket protector, strap approximately the protection glasses, plus take the plunge. It is almost painless, plus totally worthwhile. There are all additional information we want at Ubuntu.com.

I’m off to download a podcast, plus receive a cup of coffee. For the record, coffee has burnt me when or twice, yet which hasn’t stopped me from drinking a pot or 2 a week.

Kurt Hartman is an open source recommend, plus has save thousands of $ for his business by implementing open-source solutions. He currently serves because Head of Internet Development for Mobile Fleet Service Inc.

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