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Tier 4 _ Highly Trusted Sponsor ( HTS)

The UK Border Agency announces the complete of its review of the criteria to become a Highly Trusted Sponsor (HTS) below Tier 4 of the points-based program. As of April 2012, all Tier 4 sponsors should obtain HTS status. Further, all sponsor need been inspected, audited or approved by among the educational oversight specified by the UK Border Agency by the complete of 2012.

Highly Trusted Sponsor

The proposed criteria, after the review performed by the UK Border Agency, are because follows:

Mandatory needs – all need to be passed

Minimum qualifying period

12 months, with all the last 6 months because an A-rated sponsor

Minimum period without civil penalties

3 years

Refusal rate

Enrolment rate

> 90 per cent

Course completion rate

More than 85 per cent

Declaration of progression

100 per cent

No severe concerns

(Linked to the hot exploring officer report)


Core measurable requirements

Start with 100 points; should score 70 or above.

Refusal rate



5-10 per cent



10-15 per cent



> 15 per cent


Enrolment rate

> 98 per cent



96-98 per cent



93-96 per cent




Course completion rate

> 98 per cent



95-98 per cent



90-95 per cent





In purchase to obtain HTS status, a sponsor is needed to pass every among the essential needs followed by being evaluated up against the core measurable specifications with points deducted according to a sliding scale.

The UK Border Agency has offered the below for example to demonstrate this point:

“For illustration, a sponsor meets all of the required needs plus has an 18 per cent refusal rate, a 94 per cent enrolment rate along with a 92 per cent course completion rate. These are typically deduced 20 points for the refusal rate, 10 points for the enrolment rate along with a further 10 for the course completion rate, losing 40 points inside total. This leaves a score of 60 points thus their application is refused.”

Where a sponsor fails 1 or even more of the required needs, they might become a “legacy sponsor” & therefore be unable to sponsor unique pupils plus their licence being revoked from April 2012 onwards. Those sponsors that fail found on the core measurable ingredients might reapply following 3 months. All knowledge services wishing to start or continue to sponsor pupils from outside the EU should make an application for HTS status (with a date to be announced) plus obtain HTS status by April 2012.

Sponsors that currently hold HTS status should apply 1 month before the expiry of the status. They must pertain to the UK Border Agency guidance found found on the Highly Trusted Sponsor page.  On the alternative hand, sponsor that never meet the accreditation specifications are necessary to apply to Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education (recognised as QAA) or the Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI) by 9th September 2009.

From 21st April 2011, all independent universities which had an “A” rating together with all the appropriate accreditation are automatically granted HTS status. Those with “B” rating are to be provided HTS status where they hold the right accreditation plus because shortly because they become A-rated. Independent universities which have the right accreditation plus are A-rated are to be provided HTS status instantly.

Moreover, those that registered following first May 2011 with a zero CAS limit is provided 50% of the requested CAS allocation plus should make an application for HTS status 12 months instantly following getting their licence (offered which they have been A-rated for the last 6 months).

Two points to take note of:

Sponsors whom miss their application deadline can become a legacy sponsor plus might no longer be capable to sponsor modern pupils plus their licence being revoked inside April 2012.
Sponsors that effectively achieve or renew their HTS status is topic to an interim CAS limit- which is till they obtain tremendous educational oversight (EO) inspection.

For all enquiries plus any concerns associated to student visa, sponsor licence or any additional immigration questions, please never hesitate to contact you.

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Ruby on Rails for Highly scalable Web Apps

Ruby approximately Rails is an open source internet development framework created inside Ruby code. Ruby code existed 10 years before Ruby approximately Rails came into force for internet development reasons. David Hansson developed this framework plus introduced it inside July 2004. Later, August 2011 saw the launch of Rails 3.1 adaptation.

This framework assists the Ruby approximately Rail developer to shape internet applications with a difference. Mostly importantly it is actually an free framework. It improves the developer’s efficiency plus assists him to shape with ease.

Rails Internet Development

Web development is prepared simple with RoR tools. It allows to create developmental jobs ‘from the box.’ It has agile internet development practices. RoR helps you to achieve development efficiencies plus allows to deliver a reliable product to the customers.

MVC framework: Rails functions found on the MVC framework that stands for Model View Controller. The MVC Architecture divides the whole internet application into levels, that makes the application simple to be maintained. The framework helps you to have a structured plus clean code that is flexible & assists inside repair.

The Rails Components include: Active Record, Action Pack, Prototype, Action Mailer, plus Action Internet Service. A Ruby approximately Rails programmers usually utilizes all these components together.

Unique Philosophy: It functions approximately 2 standard principles namely Convention over Configuration (CoC) plus Don’t Repeat Yourself (DRY). With CoC the developer must specify just those aspects which are not standard to the application.

Only the unconventional stuff should be coded. DRY helps you to discover info inside a single place facilitating development plus repair. This shape plus design offers it a competitive edge over than programming languages.

Developers’ Perspective

Object-driven programming code plus effortless to discover
RoR programmers should develop codes just inside those sections where there is a deviation within the standard structure. It saves time plus gets the function performed quicker
Increases function efficiency for the programmers
Provides a platform for programmers to employ their creativity to create greater programming codes
Helps to lessen the ‘confusion’ aspect for programmers. With RoR it is very potential to complete the function quicker than with alternative programming languages.

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