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API Hook Engine for Delphi

This is an Windows NT API hook engine for Delphi, built with Delphi XE. I think it can be compiled under other Delphi versions.

libHttpHook.7z: This is the hook engine & demo dll, it hooked winsock 2.0 send & recv funcs. If you inject the dll into a process, you can use any debug viewer to see its network packets.
DllInjector.7z: This is a simple dll injector. Use it to test libHttpHook.dll.

Wish you like!

DllInjector.7z: Mirror 1
libHttpHook.7z: Mirror 1
Unpack password: www.x-note.co.uk

Some comments were written in Chinese. If you received any problem, please contact me on “xmacmail [at] gmail.com”