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How To install Packet Tracer on Ubuntu for CCNA

The CCNA certification exam 640-802 is a difficult exam plus it demands deep learning of the subjects included inside the CCNA syllabus & a superior hands-on experience. To build you really need to at minimum practice all of the control reported inside the official exam books. Some CCNA pupils purchase a real CCNA laboratory to practice, certain pupils employ GNS3, along with a tremendous deal of pupils employ the favored CCNA network simulator: Packet tracer. In the coming paragraphs you’ll discover how to install Packet Tracer approximately Ubuntu.

Packet Tracer is accessible approximately Windows plus Linux. The installation task beneath Windows is simple. But, should you plan to install it approximately Ubuntu, then you’ll require extra effort.

Read the following instructions inside purchase to install Packet Tracer 5 approximately Ubuntu (you are able to moreover install it approximately Fedora, Mint, Debian, etc):

1. After getting the program from Cisco url, copy Packet Tracer compressed file inside a /home folder.
2. Open a Terminal system plus to login because Root.
3. Type cd /home
4. Issue the statement “tar xzvf PacketTracer52.tar.gz” without quotes.
5. Type cd PacketTracer52
6. Issue ./install, plus then follow the instructions which may appear till the end
7. Start Packet Tracer utilizing the statement “$ packettracer” without quotes.
8. Create a shortcut to run Packet Tracer utilizing the following information:
* Type: Application
* Name: Packet Tracer
* Command: packettracer

There is a 2nd way to install Packet Tracer which consists of installing the Windows variation of Packet Tracer utilizing the wine control because follows:
* Download the file of Windows installation
* Launch the installation with Wine utilizing the statement “wine / chemin/vers/PacketTracer5_setup.exe”
* Complete the installation procedure because in the event you do for any Windows application

Once the installation procedure completed, commence Packet Trace utilizing the statement “wine ~/.wine/drive_c/Program \ Files/Packet \ To trace \ 5.0/bin/PacketTracer5.exe” .

The CCNA exam is not an simple exam, plus I recommend we to receive CCNA laboratory along with a CCNA laboratory workbook to pass we exam plus build up a routing plus flipping abilities.

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How to Install Ubuntu Themes

Many of you might not be aware of Ubuntu. Ubuntu is basically a superb lookin, secure, super-fast intuitive running program. It is an free working program, that powers the laptops, servers, netbooks plus desktops.

Originally, Ubuntu comes inside a standard, Human theme. You are able to alter this standard theme by any different accessible theme because Ubuntu utilizing the Gnome desktop environment. Ubuntu has various themes plus types of Gnome themes are accessible approximately different sites that you could download for free. However, there are limited sites that require payment for their available Gnome themes.

Changing a theme approximately a Ubuntu include limited procedures. First you need to download superior hunting plus elegant themes that enhance a desktop with different hues, corners, buttons plus scroll bar designs, approximately the computer. Later, you need to install the selected theme approximately a computer by after the provided method:

Go to: System à Preferences à Appearance or Theme

When the “Theme Preferences” window is open, you ought to drag the downloaded theme files onto the needs box thus because to create them appear inside the list.

Ubuntu themes normally include:

–  Controls: These are sometimes known because GTK Themes
–  Icons
–  Window Borders:  These are moreover known as Metacity Themes.

There are all these inside a single theme or certain themes include 2 or just 1 of them. F you need to check any theme for the presence of these ingredients, merely go to “Customize” or “Theme Details” switch. This feature of Ubuntu enables match plus blend ingredients from different themes.

After are provided a few of the usual Ubuntu themes:

–  Aqua Gnome Theme: It is an SVG icon theme fro Gnome.
–  Aero Theme: It is a advantageous icon theme which provides a advantageous look to the desktop. It is a huge file of 60Mb.
–  Panther Window Borders: Another theme that is a combination to all above mention icons.
–  Windows Vista Aero Icons: It offers the Gnome a Vista look with varying icons.
–  Vista Basic: It is a coolest window edge theme.
–  Glass Icons: This theme is utilized to achieve a semi-transparent looks.
–  Alphacube Metacity: Another rad window edge theme.
–  Vista Rounded Black Borders: This theme offers the program good-looking Black Vista feel.
–  Vista Rounded Focus Borders: Gives Vista look with comparatively small borders.
–  Clearlooks with a Cherry approximately Top: A prevalent window edge theme.
–  Linsta Orange Black Plastic: If you like to have a Vista theme without Vista issues, then it is very a wise choice.
–  Linsta Midnight Blue Plastic: It is really different inside color from Orange Black, the rest is same to receive Vista look.
–  Black Cherry: Should you like to have a superior hunting black edge, then select this theme.
–  Aqwod: A good-looking icon theme.
–  Ubuntu Studio: This theme offers we which Ubuntu Studio look.  Go to the Theme Preferences box plus click on the personalize switch, there select Ubuntu Studio inside window edge, Icons plus Controls.

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How to Install PHP and MySQL on the Linux Operating System

How to Install PHP plus MySQL found on the Linux Operating System

Author: Sharath Reddy

For beginners whom commence developing internet applications approximately PHP, it’s a usual thing to obtain them inside trouble whilst installing PHP plus MySQL found on the Linux running program. However, there are some effortless procedures that have to be followed inside purchase to install PHP plus MySQL found on the Linux program. The first step is to guarantee which the Linux working program has been installed correctly found on the program. There are several certain distributions that are very developer-friendly like CentOS, Ubuntu plus Suse Linux.

The initial thing which should be installed inside the program is the host. Usually, the Apache internet host is preferred approximately a Linux program with PHP plus MySQL completing the usual LAMP architecture (L – Linux, A – Apache, M – MySQL plus P – PHP). On a CentOS linux program, the net host is installed by starting the terminal plus typing “yum install httpd”. Then the set of instructions should be followed for lucrative installation of the Apache internet host.

After the host is installed, 1 could commence with all the installation of the PHP component found on the host. Again, approximately a CentOS machine, you need to kind inside “yum install php” as well as the same procedure of after the on-screen instructions is to be followed. Once PHP is installed, the last thing left to do is to install mySQL.

Similarly, typing “yum install mysql-server mysql” plus after the next instructions might cause the installation of the MySQL host.

After the database host is installed, 1 must commence the Apache host by the control “service httpd start”.

A notice will be transferred found on the screen when the net host service has effectively started. The next task is to commence the mySQL host plus this is performed by typing “service mysqld start” inside the terminal window. Whenever both the servers have been started, you will go to the “localhost” page plus check when the welcome page of CentOS is shown found on the browser. This page confirms which the installation is properly performed.

The status of the PHP component is checked by creating a same PHP page that prints the phpinfo() way. A purple PHP info page indicates which the PHP is functioning correctly plus is actively running found on the host at the moment. Now, PHP plus MySQL is selected to create internet applications. The procedures are simple to execute whenever followed inside the purchase reported plus whenever all of the dependencies are present inside the program.

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