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Ruby on Rails Development ? A Landmark in Ruby Programming

Brainchild of David Heinemeier Hansson, better termed as DHH inside the Ruby community, Ruby approximately Rails really lived as much as its name. Despite of the code being very positive for intense internet application development, there was clearly a much eager need for a reliable internet development framework. It was the month of July inside 2004 whenever DHH initially introduced this framework because open source; still, he didn’t share ‘commit right’ to the project till after inside 2005 with variation 1.0 of the framework introduced inside December the same year.

The turning point inside the lifetime of Ruby approximately Rails development came whenever Apple announced it might ship this framework with its Mac OS X v10.5 Leopard. The accessibility of Ruby approximately Rails framework to Ruby programmers clubbed with all the tremendous functionality of the framework swiftly created it the most sought-after internet development platforms for Ruby programmers. Ever since then, the recognition of Rails development has grown manifolds among ruby programmers.

Today, Ruby approximately Rails development continues to assist programmers plus programmers inside creating very robust sites, internet applications plus internet services. Headed by DHH, the Core team at RoR comprises of twelve top manufacturers which have been provided the keys to the source repository following months of their swift services. As whole, the total quantity of active contributors approximately this framework has crossed the 2k mark, generating Ruby approximately rails a very possible internet application development framework for Ruby programmers plus programmers seeking to develop robust internet applications.


The philosophies driving Ruby approximately rails development are ‘Convention over Configuration’ or CoC for brief, plus ‘Don’t Repeat Yourself’ or DRY for brief.

CoC signifies the developer utilizing the framework must specify just the unconventional aspects of application when DRY signifies which the info is stored inside a single, unambiguous place; here, Ruby approximately Rail development allows this info is retrieved within the database based found on the class name.


Owing to the huge efficacy of the framework, Ruby of rails has been utilized with a huge quantity of developer sites providing online internet development platform with their custom enhancements for this absolutely tremendous internet development platforms. In order to handle the stiff competition inside this line of company, several of these developer sites provide free trial has to aid programmers assess the edges provided by their adaptation of the internet development framework. If they find the net development framework right because per their requires, they could constantly signal up because registered members.

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