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How to Install PHP and MySQL on the Linux Operating System

How to Install PHP plus MySQL found on the Linux Operating System

Author: Sharath Reddy

For beginners whom commence developing internet applications approximately PHP, it’s a usual thing to obtain them inside trouble whilst installing PHP plus MySQL found on the Linux running program. However, there are some effortless procedures that have to be followed inside purchase to install PHP plus MySQL found on the Linux program. The first step is to guarantee which the Linux working program has been installed correctly found on the program. There are several certain distributions that are very developer-friendly like CentOS, Ubuntu plus Suse Linux.

The initial thing which should be installed inside the program is the host. Usually, the Apache internet host is preferred approximately a Linux program with PHP plus MySQL completing the usual LAMP architecture (L – Linux, A – Apache, M – MySQL plus P – PHP). On a CentOS linux program, the net host is installed by starting the terminal plus typing “yum install httpd”. Then the set of instructions should be followed for lucrative installation of the Apache internet host.

After the host is installed, 1 could commence with all the installation of the PHP component found on the host. Again, approximately a CentOS machine, you need to kind inside “yum install php” as well as the same procedure of after the on-screen instructions is to be followed. Once PHP is installed, the last thing left to do is to install mySQL.

Similarly, typing “yum install mysql-server mysql” plus after the next instructions might cause the installation of the MySQL host.

After the database host is installed, 1 must commence the Apache host by the control “service httpd start”.

A notice will be transferred found on the screen when the net host service has effectively started. The next task is to commence the mySQL host plus this is performed by typing “service mysqld start” inside the terminal window. Whenever both the servers have been started, you will go to the “localhost” page plus check when the welcome page of CentOS is shown found on the browser. This page confirms which the installation is properly performed.

The status of the PHP component is checked by creating a same PHP page that prints the phpinfo() way. A purple PHP info page indicates which the PHP is functioning correctly plus is actively running found on the host at the moment. Now, PHP plus MySQL is selected to create internet applications. The procedures are simple to execute whenever followed inside the purchase reported plus whenever all of the dependencies are present inside the program.

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