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Horizontal image align CSS

I’m having some trouble aligning a main image. It should be center-aligned horizontally, yet keeps going all over the place. The page can be found here http://0034.eu/propmanager/

That’s basically the CSS I have applied to the image, all the source code is on main index.html (no separate style sheet).


Add this to your CSS style.


From the inputs of IlyaStreltsyn, I agree with the point of clearing the right with display:block for the image to be centered.

For Instance,

Loop through nested objects with jQuery

Hey everyone I am trying t find the most dynamic way to loop through an array & return specific values return specific values… The json is deeply structured & may change, could there be a $.each() formula that can help?


now lets say i want to retrieve “K3val2” value yet instead of hardcoding it like so: myobj.obj2.key3.nest2 is there a dynamic way I do this with $.each() mybe?

You can simply nest calls to $.each:

Live Example | Live Source

If you want to know how deep you are, you can do that too:

Live Example | Live Source