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Why below code's output is “not found” instead of “found”?

below code gives “Not found” output. But I expect it to donate “found”. Where is my mistake?

In *x==y[i] you are comparing the value of two chars instead of the data pointed to by two pointers. Use the strcmp function instead. It returns 0 if the two strings pointed to by the given two pointers are equal. So alter it to strcmp(x, y[i]) == 0

Also you should alter the char *y parameter to char **y or char *y[] because y is an array of pointers to strings, not just one pointer.

Finally, compare(array, *numbers); should be called as compare(array, numbers); because you want to pass a pointer to the array of strings, not just a pointer to one string (numbers is of type char*[4] yet it will decay to type char** when passed as an argument).