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Newbie Ubuntu Questions From Windows Customers

When Windows customers try Ubuntu or result in the switch, there are quite a some issues regarding the running program. Many times folks that have used Windows for a long time approach details with their ingrained mindsets plus have a difficult time learning the fresh program. When the concepts are grasped regarding how Ubuntu does elements, the working program becomes greatly simpler, simply remember it is a hot name for a synonymous task.

Where’s my C: drive inside Ubuntu?

Linux doesn’t utilize drive letters like you may be used to together with all the Windows running program. If you have a CD rom, USB card, MP3 player, exterior drive, or perhaps a secondary difficult drive, they can be really objects which are installed. If you go to Places then Home, it can open the file manager. Should you visit Computer, The “C: drive” is what’s labeled “Filesystem”.

What are these tar.gz plus tar files?

Think of these like you’d possibly a zip file. They’re really a different means of compacting files into a small shape like you’ll with zip files to let for simpler transfer of files either between buyers or distinctive computers. On Windows you are able to employ a system called 7-zip to open these. With Ubuntu these usually open without any additional software required to be opened.

Why won’t Control Alt Delete function?

Ubuntu doesn’t have the control alt delete key combination because a shortcut to anything like there is within Windows. If you wish the same design of system to open, there is a program monitor which is found below System plus Administration. This may open what you’d understand because the “Task Manager” thus to shut programs plus see the program resources conveniently.

If you may be wanting for alternative key functions which the Ubuntu could do which are synonymous towards the Windows working program however utilizing a distinctive name, a swift Google look might provide many tricks plus sources of info from additional Ubuntu folks.

Several instances the answer to a query is realizing where the same concept is nevertheless beneath a different name.

Once somebody whom knows Windows knows the Ubuntu name for the same functions, the program is very simple to use because many inside the functions are very significantly the same involving the 2 working systems.

Don’t let confusing technical terms assist from struggling out the free plus simple to use Ubuntu working program.

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How to Run Windows on a Ubuntu Computer

So we finally produced the jump to Ubuntu plus have a Ubuntu Computer. First of all, congratulations for creating the jump! However we realized you’ll not be capable to run a favorite Windows programs you’ve been utilizing for the previous years.

No condition. There are 2 elements that you can do to guarantee you’ll nonetheless be capable to employ Windows programs approximately the Ubuntu computer. The initially thing that you can do is run a “dual-boot” program. This needs we to be capable to utilize Ubuntu plus Windows XP found on the same drive. If you like to employ a Windows system, all you need to do is shut down a computer plus reboot to Windows.

This is produced potential by the bootloader located inside Ubuntu called “Grub”. It enables you to install onto the same difficult drive because a past Windows installation. You need to create the drive location (or partition) to load Ubuntu plus make certain that it really is separate within the Windows installation. Once you do which, you are able to install Ubuntu without affecting your Windows partition.

Another thing that you can do is run the Windows running program inside “internet mode” inside Ubuntu. This signifies you are able to run the whole Windows working program inside Ubuntu without requiring a reboot. This enables you to employ a favorite Windows computers without rebooting because the Windows running program is running inside a separate window.

What are several superior programs you are able to download which enable we to run Windows inside virual mode in the Ubuntu computer? A advantageous 1 is known as Virtual Box by Sun Microsystems. You merely install it plus install a Windows installation in the system. It isn’t certainly too difficult.

Of course, how to have a Ubuntu computer which runs well is to have “replacement” programs which take the region of the Windows programs we utilized a lot. There is an open source system for virtually each Windows system available. There is several “adjusting” because we receive chosen to these unique programs approximately the Ubuntu computer, however you can run these programs natively that will be a LOT quicker approximately the program.

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Windows iOS Development

Android smart phones are sizzling from device sales viewpoint. There is a whopping 550,000 activations everyday. However, whether or not applications for Android smart phones are swelling inside the marketplace, it doesn’t appear which the same is correct for the Android phones. As famous because Android phones are it is actually opined which windows iOS development plus Windows 8 development should be the spotlight of development inside future. The splendor of the hardware of Apple as well as the absolute recognition of ios makes it a key prospect for the development of applications.


According to people windows iOS development is the right consumer experience. There are a huge quantity of iOS equipment regarding 220 million. Apple Inc. has a smartphone which is obviously very stylish as well as the Android has a smartphone which is trendiest yet doesn’t have a popular device plus this destination Apple ahead inside terms of the windows iOS development priorities. The user friendly as well as the recognition of windows iOS development makes this a significant goal for apps development. The greater focus found on the iOS equipment improved the sales compared to the iPads. About 9.25 million were available by Apple alone. The Windows iOS development is developed for the iPhone it is very crafted to extend its assist for the additional Apple equipment like the iPad, Apple TV plus iPod touch. It refuses to authorize the Windows iOs development for setting up approximately alternative third party hardware.


The Windows iOS development services are been downloaded over eighteen billion instances. It has virtually twenty six percent share of the smartphone OS marketplace approximately the units sold. The windows ios development is founded found on the concept of utilizing multi touch gestures. The interface control essentials have buttons, switches plus sliders. It offers a fluid interface as well as the reaction to the consumer input is virtually immediate. Interaction with all the Windows OS involves gestures like pinch, reverse pinch, swipe plus tap all these have specific description inside the context of Windows iOS development as well as its multi-touch interface. The present variation of the Windows iOS utilizes regarding 774.4 MB of the device’s storage differing for each model.


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Ubuntu vs Windows: The Power War

The latest info revealed by the results from Statcounter which simply 0.79 % of the planets human population work Ubuntu OS, that is far behind from Windows 7 which aim 19.43 % with all the global visitors. Mac OS, Windows Vista plus Windows XP have 5.66 %, 17.68 % plus 55.38 % respectively. Create an effort to research more to locate out more details approximately Ubuntu versus Windows.

Whenever enquired why Linux isn’t a challenger of Windows 7, Paul Holt, who’s a business sales director at Ubuntu-backer Canonical inside London, reported which this really is considering Linux attract cloud generation whom like to reach software from internet browser which is what seems to create it distinct within the different working program internationally. The president of the Free Software Foundation Europe agrees to Holt plus explained, “I am disheartened to hear [Canonical is] not contending with Microsoft inside the desktop space”.

“Many of adoption of Linux found on the desktop is primarily people whom earlier had duplicates of unlicensed OSes, or had additional techniques of utilizing their OS onto their computer. We aren’t consequently contending with individuals that may be utilizing Windows 7,” Paul Holt indicated at the Westminster eForum approximately open-source software inside enterprise plus government. “In my daily piece, am I generally [dealing] head-on with persons hoping to shift away from Microsoft conditions? Yes-ish.”

Holt equally reported which the Internet 2.0 businesses have indicated fabulous interest inside Linux & the employees of these companies never like for OS at all. He shared his acquiring at the meet plus stated which inside UK, public sector might have not favored Linux however alternatively desktop Linux has been an impressive experience for a limited of the companies that advertise free technologies.

Exclusive companies have committed tons inside countries like UK inside that you usually discover better possibilities of making money.

Holt is of viewpoint it actually is challenging to contest with Microsoft for Ubuntu because Microsoft is undeniably a top swift that has received $ to advance their goods, that are without a question standard yet however he loves to use Linux considering it delivers value to coming technologies.

Thanks a lot for perusing this Ubuntu versus Windows 8 post. I do hope we recognize plus informed regarding Ubuntu versus Windows.

Mandy Hathaway is a computer wizard, that writes regarding the most-up-to date info approximately Ubuntu versus Windows 8, her newest review is Ubuntu versus Windows.

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